Juvenile Delinquency

A juvenile record in Texas can cause significant damage to a child’s future, crippling their chances to enter the military, find employment, obtain a state license, or enter the college of their choice. In many instances the disposition of a juvenile case can mean the difference between your child learning a valuable lesson or living with their mistake permanently. At the Law Office of John C. Caldwell, we have over a decade of experience in Criminal and Juvenile law. Let us put that experience to work for your child Brazoria County, Galveston County or Harris County.

A juvenile can be arrested for the same crimes as an adult. In some cases, prosecutors may even seek to have them tried as an adult. As a parent, it is difficult to be objective regarding the future of your child following an arrest.

As with adult criminal offenses, juvenile crimes may include a number of different charges, such as theft, assault, criminal mischief, drug possession and sex offenses.

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