Murder | Manslaughter | Homicide

If you have been charged with a form of homicide, you may have already been convicted in the court of public opinion. Although the American justice system assumes that individuals accused of crimes are innocent until proven otherwise, society often judges a person guilty before he even sets foot in a courtroom. If you are facing a murder charge, friends and family members may have turned their backs on you.

The seriousness of the allegations involved and the potential consequences can leave you feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and anxious. That is why you need an experienced homicide defense lawyer on your side. I am prepared to stand solidly in your corner, as I have for countless others in your shoes.

In Texas, homicide crimes are categorized as four separate criminal offenses. Capital murder, which is the only form of homicide punishable by death, is the most serious of the four. To be charged with capital murder, an individual must intentionally or knowingly:

Murder a police officer or firefighter acting in an official capacity

Commit murder in the course of committing a violent crime

Commit a murder for hire

Murder multiple victims

Murder a child under age six

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